What can I initiate a campaign for?

VCF accepts proposals to support nonprofit and service organization. Funding requests must be appropriate for an approved charity or service organization. We focus on approving campaigns that provide direct support to people. Not all campaigns may be approved if we cannot identify an organization to manage the funds or if the campaign is not consistent with our values which are respect, empathy, fairness to all and expansion of individual rights. We do not normally accept campaigns that are political motivated or for advocacy organizations.

Personal campaigns are not normally sponsored on this site. Personal campaign sponsors should use GoFundMe. We might, however, support funding for a charity or service organization that intended is to support an individual, such as an educational scholarship for an orphaned child.

The Board of Directors has final authority over acceptance and rejection of campaigns.

Charities and their supporters can quickly start a campaign reaching a broad donor base. Completely prepared proposed campaigns initiated by a charity can be activated in as little as one day. Campaigns proposed by anyone that do not contain all required information may take a lot of time to credential, make arrangements with a managing charity or social service organization and to prepare and post the campaign.