What are the risks?

A risk is that VCF will not attract enough support or enough campaigns and supporters to be viable. A risk is that the organizer, who is 73 and the only current committed staff person, will be unable to continue performing the multiplicity of functions required for the plan or that the actual time required to perform various anticipated required functions is much greater than expected. The Board of Directors will be responsible for VCF’s continuity in the event of loss of the primary staff member. This is a new type of entity which carries its own risk. If VCF is not able to continue for any reason, funds raised net of incurred expenses will be transferred to proposed charities or service organizations or to other 501c3 charities as approved by the Board. VCF estimates its expense allocation will be fifteen percent (15%) of contributions, net of bank transaction fees. As that is an estimate there is a risk that the estimate may prove incorrect.

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