What about taxes and stuff?

Our plan is to make donations income tax deductible. We are IRS designated 501c3 charity. We issue a tax acknowledgement in our own name. We go to some length to assure that donations made by us to the designated charity or service organization are also qualified for charitable deduction status. For example Rotary clubs support charitable, educational and humanitarian causes. We envision supporting Rotary activities using procedures similar to those we use with 501c3 charities. That status helps assure us that funds are used for charitable, educational and humanitarian purposes, which is in fact our primary mission. This is by no means a guarantee, as we cannot control use of the funds by the receiving organization for the purpose set out in the campaign. We require confirmation by them of the intended use before activating a campaign. As we are an IRS designated charity, donations made to us may be considered eligible for donors to claim as a tax deduction. This depends on your specific tax situation and every situation is different so please consult with a tax professional in your area. SeeĀ Income Taxes

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