Is it safe?

The VCF campaign features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. Not only are the donors’ online payments safe, campaign funds are deposited in separate impressed “Charites” bank account until funds are transferred to the charity or service organization. We prefer that donors use the Automated Clearing house button to make payments because it is less expensive for donors. As this is a direct bank transfer process it is more secure than other methods. Control of this account is maintained via a separate primarily offline computer to reduce exposure to hacking. We prefer electronic bank transfer methods to make payments to charities. US accounts may also request a check which bears an additional charge. Payments to charities physically located offshore but having a US 501c3 designation will be made as arranged between the charity and VCF.

VCF encourages donors to use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) donation processes detailed in the donation page. ACH is a very safe payment process and is less expensive than credit card processing.

VCF does not store non-public personal financial information. VCF does not ask for social security numbers. We ask donors to enter payment information including ACH information and credit card numbers each time they make a donation because we want to minimize risks of hacking this information and increase donor security.

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