Do I have to use my real name?

Generally Yes. VCF values authenticity and transparency. We must have your name and email address in order to provide you with a donation receipt suitable for IRS purposes. The authenticity of the charity or service organization is confirmed by direct correspondence with the organization and receipt of a copy of its IRS designation and/or via other sources such as GUIDESTAR. The campaign itself will be listed in the name of the charity or service organization. Individual proposer names are not generally disclosed and are not required for us to conceptually adopt a campaign and attempt to find and make arrangements with a managing charity or service organization. The less information we receive in a proposal the longer it will take to establish a campaign.  Individual donors may elect to have their first name disclosed along with the campaign amounts.

Donor information, other than first names and donation amounts as set out above are generally not disclosed without permission. Donor information is not sold or given to anyone else without permission. We make substantial efforts to minimize the risks of hacking of this information.

Campaigns are not public until they are credentialed and arrangements made with a charity. Anyone who has your VCF campaign link will be able to access the campaign.

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