How to Invest

To invest, please start by reading the

Summary Offering Memorandum

For further information, read the

  Offering Memorandum

then; Complete the

Subscription Agreement

Copy the subscription form and paste it into a page in your word processing application. You may need to reduce the size of text or view in order to get it on one page including VCF’s signature block. Once you have it in your word-processor  you can just type in the requested information into the indicated  space. You may need to delete some digits in a line in order to maintain the compact nature of the Subscription.

Choose from Terms and Interest Rates below

Terms and Interest Rates

Two years- 1.00% or 2.00%
Three years-2.00% or 3.00%
Five years- 2.00%, 3.00% or 4.00%

Complete the Subscription Agreement: sign it , copy the signed document and email it along with making a payment to VCF by check or ACH. We do not encourage purchases of Social Notes using credit cards because of the fees associated with credit card card payments. You may be able to use the “BillPay” function from your bank account.

Questions? contact us at: