Developing Emergency and Affordable Housing

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INVEST in Housing for Homeless,

Abused, and  Lowest- income People

We have a moral responsibility to help the less fortunate

Valley Community Fund.Org (VCF) invests in emergency and  affordable housing for the homeless, abused and very lowest income  people in our communities. There is a desperate need for  emergency and affordable housing for these neighbors. Recently , on one day, winter surveys identified forty people who were without adequate shelter in Hartford, Vermont and about one hundred and twenty homeless people in southern Grafton County. Other statistics  portray extremely distressing numbers of teens, women, veterans and others surviving by living in cars, tents, couch surfing and other extremely  unsafe or insecure situations.

We have identified the  lack of a well known, simple, viable funding mechanism as a primary cause of the lack of these types of housing. We intend to use unsecured social investment term notes along with donations to provide funding. This type of notes are provided for under Federal securities, New Hampshire and Vermont securities laws.

The unsecured social investment term notes provides an innovative way to support this mission. The Offering Circular enclosed below provides certain information in connection with this investment.


  • You are helping to meet a desperate need.

  • You do not give up your money-It will be returned to you.

  • You earn a modest return.

  • Know you are doing your part.


The Fund intends to acquire, redevelop and own this housing for its own account. Of course, we will work with other nonprofits serving these populations and we may directly provide other services to these people.

Please consider the information contained in the Offering Memorandum very carefully

Use the subscription agreement provided herein provides a way for a way to help alleviate suffering for these  people.

Please inform your contacts of this service

The office of the New Hampshire Attorney General regulates Issuance of Social Notes